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Main Menu

The main menu allows you to navigate between various parts of the Einblick application and is pictured below.

There are three primary portions of the main menu: the left sidebar, the top bar, and the result section. Each portion is explained in more detail below.

The left sidebar allows you to navigate between different types of objects in Einblick and is pictured below. In the top section of the left sidebar, you can navigate between canvases, datasets, operators and schedules. For each of these objects, you can also filter between objects that you've created, objects that were explicitly shared with you, and objects that you viewed recently in the middle section of the sidebar. You can also upgrade your current plan, access help and leave feedback for the platform in the bottom section of the left sidebar.

Top Bar

The top bar is pictured below. In the top bar you can search for objects using text, and on the very right, you can access your user menu and view notifications.

Result Section

Whenever you search or filter objects in the main menu, the results will show up in the result section. You can create new objects with the + button, and right-click any object to perform actions on it, like sharing, duplicating or deleting it.